Since 2018, ARN Plaza has been engaged in the sale of both new and used cars from the top manufacturers in the automotive sector. The company is continuing its business operations, which it has grown through expertise and experience using ethical, moral, and dependable service values. Every year, ARN Plaza rapidly raises its target sales by combining sectoral experience with the advancements of the information age. As long as it keeps working in this approach, ARN Plaza will sell 1500 vehicles at retail in 2021.

ARN Plaza closely followed developments in today's information age and quickly began to implement these developments. In its 2500 square meter showroom, ARN Plaza displays luxury car brands in a large and spacious manner, with a variety of models. ARN Plaza, which offers vehicle buying and selling, renting, insurance, and financing services, also offers 100% customer satisfaction with its sales consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience.

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Buying Vehicle Service | ARN PLAZA
Buying Vehicle Service

ARN Plaza purchases your vehicles at their own value.

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Selling Vehicle Service | ARN PLAZA
Selling Vehicle Service

ARN Plaza offers you guaranteed vehicles.

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Fleet Services | ARN PLAZA
Fleet Services

ARN Plaza offers its customers time savings with reliable fleet services.

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Rent A Car | ARN PLAZA
Rent A Car

ARN Plaza offers its customers a wide range of options for car rental.

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Insurance | ARN PLAZA

ARN Plaza offers you complete insurance service in all its transactions.

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Financing | ARN PLAZA

ARN Plaza offers its customers different payment options and loan facilities.

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