Our Vehicles Are Safely Protected With ARN Warehouse

ARN Warehouse protects your vehicles safely.

ARN Warehouse

ARN Warehouse, with a covered area of 5,000 m2, is located on the plaza's lower floor. Cars are safely stored at ARN Warehouse, and pre-sales cosmetics and maintenance services are available. The cars in the ARN Warehouse, which houses hundreds of vehicles at the same time, are patiently awaiting the day they will be safely reunited with their owners.

Vehicles That Are Protected From Outside Influences

Cars are stored safely in warehouses and garages, which protect them from many external factors. Vehicles stored in closed warehouses are less affected by bad weather or weather changes, allowing them to be kept in safe condition.

Vehicle warehouses, which ensure that the polish or materials of the vehicle are not damaged and corroded, preserve the cars better. Not only the exterior but also the interior of the cars waiting in the garages are protected in many ways. For example, the accumulated rain water that causes the vehicle to rust is prevented, the bodywork is protected and the aging of the upholstery is prevented.

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