Top Selling Car Models in 2022

The best-selling car models in the world and in Turkey in 2022 have been announced.

Automobile and light commercial vehicle sales in Turkey are expected to reach 783 thousand 283 in 2022, according to data from the Automotive Distributors and Mobility Association (ODMD).

Best-Selling Cars in Turkey

Fiat Egea, which won first place in the Turkish market, maintained its global and domestic popularity.

Fiat ranked first in automobile and light commercial vehicle sales in Turkey, according to ODMD data, with 146 thousand 435 units sold. Renaut trailed Fiat with 99,639 sales, while the Clio was Renault's most popular model. In these sales, Ford came in third, Volkswagen came in fourth, and Toyota came in fifth.

Best-Selling Books in the World

Toyota will be the world's largest automaker by 2022. Standing out with its reliability and economy, Toyota became the leader of the market with its sales of 10 million 483 thousand 24 vehicles. Volkswagen and Ford followed Toyota, which rose to prominence in particular with the Corolla model.

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